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Gardens and flowers
have a way of bringing
people together,
drawing them
from their homes.
Clare Ansberry
American author,
WSJ Bureau Chief

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration
of the five senses.
Hanna Rion 1875—1924,
English author

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.
Gardens are a form of autobiography.
Sydney Eddison,
Horticulture magazine,
August/September 1993

North High Bridge Park Sculpture Garden
1988 - 2018

With the support of the City of Saint Paul's Department of Parks and Recreation and the Fort Road Federation/District 9 Community Council, I developed this signature gateway into the West Seventh neighborhoods of Uppertown, the Uppertown Triangle and Little Bohemia.

July 2021
Volunteer neighbors Jason, Ryan and Alex resurrected the North High Bridge Park,
a gateway to Saint Paul’s West End. They

  • Power washed and painted the Big Green Chair
  • Power washed the granite pylons, marble finials and baptismal gate; repainted and replanted its gate that honored the early Czech-Slovak immigrants who settled that part of our city
  • Power washed the circle of large granite block seating that originally supported the original High Bridge
  • Weeded and mulched the butterfly garden
  • Removed several feet of weeds throughout the day lily garden in time for its efflorescence, and purchased and laid down 30 bags of mulch
  • Edged the large circular lawn
  • Painted over extensive graffiti

Peace Pole collapses with rot at its base

August 14, 2018
After 30 years as the North High Bridge garden "steward"
I resigned due to age, knee issues, and time.
But visit regularly to alert SP Parks and Recreation of problems.

September 29, 2017
Rejuvenating the gardens!

28 Boston Scientific employees from the east to the west coast honored a colleague by rejuvenating the gardens.

Vandalism strikes Community Gate

Repairs funded by City Cultural STAR grant.

2006 Butterfly Path installed
Native plants lead the way to the east from the Community Gate for our friends the pollinators

September 11, 2004
Community Gate Project Dedication

A baptismal gate, salvaged from the West End's Czech-Slovak National Church, St. Stanislaus Kostka, was installed in the park to commemorate contributions of Czech and Slovak immigrants and families in building the neighborhoods of the West End, between Downtown St. Paul and Fort Snelling. By West Side Saint Paul artist Craig David

June 17, 1997
Girl Scout Cadett Troop 464 install a Peace Pole
Languages:  English, Hmong, Czech, Spanish

October 1991 and November 2002
Green Chairs I & II are installed

The first chair fell victim to untreated materials
and was replaced July 2, 2002. The Chair is built of treated wood, weighs approximately 2,500 pounds and is constructed of sections of architectural glue lam beam built in layers of laminated California yellow pine.

1995: The Watcherpumplinks for dedication of the Watcher
The remaining stone was then transformed by Zoran Mojsilov, a Yugoslavian-American artist, into the "Watcher" thanks to a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and local fund raising,

Dedication: Halloween 1995

Pumpkins for the dedication

Summer 1988
Day lily demonstration garden construction

A weed-filled lot is transformed over the years with promise of greater things to come! Salvaged limestone from the city sewer separation project forms raised beds for day lilies.


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