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Climb the mountains and
get their good tidings.
Nature's peace
will flow into you
as sunshine
flows into trees.
The winds will blow
their own freshness
into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will
drop away from you
like the leaves of Autumn.
John Muir 1838 - 1914
American Naturalist

The sculpture gardens of the North High Bridge Park

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The Watcher

In 1994, the neighbors of the North High Bridge Park were faced with the quandary of what to do with the remaining rock from the construction of the garden walls in the park. Joe Landsberger, project coordinator, knew of a sculptor, Zoran Mojsilov, who worked in stone.

Zoran was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and attended the University of Belgrade from 1975 to 1979. His work has been featured in Paris and New York, at galleries, college campuses, and museums, including such noted art institutions as DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Massachusetts, and Socrates Sculpture Park in New York. His studio is now located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The neighbors reviewed this work, and decided that this was a fitting development to their park. Joe, Bob Frame, and Kathleen Corley wrote a grant to the Metropolitan Regional Arts council of Minnesota to support the construction of this sculpture. They were granted $4,000 in January 1995 and worked commenced that spring.

War and Peace:

Throughout the summer of 1995, Zoran lifted the massive stone and welded and twisted the supporting iron. He worked from morning til nightfall, oftentimes alone to concentrate on his art. One assistant in the construction, Sego Hondzo, from Sarajevo had recently fled the war in Bosnia. This joint effort was fitting for our park's multi-cultural theme.

August 1995 saw the completion of their work. A neighborhood competition ensued to name the sculpture and "The Watcher" was chosen.  In 1996 Zoran was also commissioned to create the Camden Gateway Project, Minneapolis.

he Watcher
a poem by Joe Landsberger

My park is alive with stone,
bone of earth,
structure of life

Native blood course below
Spirit wind glide above

Images! Ancestors!
guide my hand
mold the walls
fill the earth
plant the seed
make the gardens