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In order to
comprehend the beauty of
a Japanese garden,
it is necessary to understand - or at least
to learn to understand -
the beauty of stone.
Lafcadio Hearn 1850 – 1904
Koizumi Yakumo (小泉八雲)
Author, gardener

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June 28: building a moon viewing pavilion
高台寺観月台/ Kangetsudai

In a design process that began later 2015, Phil Holtegaard fabricated my "moon viewing" pavilion in the Japanese style similar to the gate. With neighbors and friends Richard, Mary, Mark, Dave and Steve, with photography by Craig, the pavilion went up in about 4 hours total. Hooray!

Japanese "moon viewing" pavilion
高台寺観月台/ Kangetsudai
With my stone floor and bench, awaiting grass to grow.
Truck delivery of Japanese "moon viewing" pavilion
Arrived with Phil's truck

First two sides the easiest
The crew: Steve, Mary, me, Phil, Richard

The crew: Richard, Dave, Phil, Mark, me


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