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340 Robie Street West

is a duplexed American Craftsman-style bungalow, also referred to as "arts and crafts". This style originated with Gustav Stickley (1858-1942) and plans were published in his magazine The Craftsman. Itis located one block from the West Side bluff.

The style includes low rooflines with over-hanging eaves; exposed structural elements as brackets and rafters; enclosed porch beneath an extended roof; interior spaces featuring built-ins as benches, cabinetry, fireplaces; beamed ceilings and extensive simplicity of woodwork.

  • 1895: Michael Hurley, laborer worked at Minn P & P Co and lived as a resident at this address
  • 1911: According to Ramsey County, Michael Hurley must have commissioned a new two-family home at 340 Robie.  He worked in a dental laboratory and lived here with his wife Mary and four daughters: Maxine, Willa Marie, Viovodale, and Geraldine. Anna Bursey was their servant. He was also a locomotive engineer.
  • 1935: Fredk Corkran, fireman worked at Northern States P Co and lived as a boarder
  • 1935: Herman G & Lola Pomper watch eng worked at Northern States P Co and lived as a boarder
  • 1949: Howard P Ramaley a mechanic and Alma J Versby rented.

I purchased 340 Robie from my brother, David, in 2000 to save him from foreclosure. He owned the house for 30 years before that! From 2005 to 2008 I restored first the second floor, moved him upstairs, then the restored/remodeled the first. In 2011 insured damage repaired to portico, roof replaced, siding painted.

With my borther's passing in 2020 I again restored the second floor, refinished the floors, ceilings and walls and thoroughly cleaned the place. (First floor photos to come)

robie kitchen
Kitchen with new window and cabinets

Robie sitting room
Western sitting room
Robie hallway
South bedroom
South bedroom

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