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Mother: Thompson/Bengston genealogy

Born Blanche Evelyn Dvorak (Devorak) November 13, 1913 in Dawson, Minnesota of a Bohemian father, Josef, and Swedish mother (Hilda Gustafva Thompson).

See the The Czech/Bohemian side of the family:

My Bohemian Grandfather Joe went out to farm in western Minnesota with his brother Frank from Spillville, Iowa. There Joe found a lovely Swedish descendant, Hilda Gustava Thompson to marry in 1909!

They had five children: Hyldred (Dolly MBride) 1910; my mother Blanche (Landsberger) 1913; Reynold (1915); Jeanette (Sis Smith) 1920; Joe (Buddy) 1922.

joe devorak farm

My grandparents Joe and Hilda on the farm with (l-r) Reynold, Dolly, Blanche c 1916

Direct patrimony of my Swedish genealogy from

  1. Johannes Bengtson married Maja Stina
    1. (Engri) Christina Bengston/Bangston 1854–1921 of Veddige, Halland, Sweden; Emigrated to US in 1866. Married December 30, 1872 in Minnesota to Nils August Peter Thompson 1849–1900 of Kånna Parish, Kronoberg Lan, Småland, Sweden. His parents were Peter Nilsson Thompson and Marie Elisa Isaksdotter.
      They had 13 children In Dawson/Madison Minnesota at Providence Valley: Frances Elizabeth, Frank, Carl, Villhelm, Nels/Nils Arthur, Oscar Fritzof, BessieMaria (Betsy), Oliver*, Hilda, Henry/Harry, Alice, Victor, and Ludwig..
      1. Hilda Gustava Thompson 1891–1949 married
        Joseph Dvorak
        1883–1923 in Madison and had five chldren:
        1. Hyldred (Dolly) Devorak 1910–Deceased
        2. Blanche Evelyn Dvorak/Devorak 1913–1994
        3. Reynold Devorak 1915–Deceased
        4. Jeanette Devorak 1920–2017
        5. Joseph Devorak 1922–2004
          1. Blanche Evelyn Dvorak/Devorak 1913–1994
            married Claude Edward Landsberger 1905-1996
            1. Me! Joseph Frank Landsberger b. 1945
              partner Steve Shimer b. 1952